Why Should Replace LED Street Light With Solar Street Light?


Many companies now use solar street lights for different projects such as road, square, parking lot, avenue, highway and etc

And why they changed to Solar LED Street Light from trandition LED Street Light? Frankly speaking, projects with many invisible cost and inconvenience, especially use traditional led street lights.

Let's clear one by one:
1. Cost on installation
LED Street Light: (needs 11 steps) Locate light position---Dig trenches---Bury pipe---Make concrete light base---Lay wire---Install control cabinet---Ground insulation test---Install light---Test & commission---Self checking---Project accepted.
Solar LED Street Light: (only 5 steps) Locate light position---Make concrete light base---Test & commission---Install light---Project accepted.
Install solar version street light, you can save cost on: Wire / Wire Pipe / Control Cabinet.

2. Cost on employee
LED Street Light: More steps means more employee needed
Solar LED Street Light: Less steps, less employee needed.

3. Cost on time
LED Street Light: slow on project finishing
Solar LED Street Light: faster on project
Using solar led street light takes much less time than led street light. If the project is urgent, as we know project needs accurate finishing time, then
solar led street light is more suitable and you are free from the worry that there is a claim on project delay.
Importantly, delay will stop your future business in this field.

4. Cost on maintenance
LED Street Light: Apart from lamp, you also need to maintain wire, wire pipe and cabinet.
Solar LED Street Light: only maintain the lamp.

5. Cost on power
LED Street Light: wires use power, lamps use power, cabinet use power and power price increase every year;
Solar LED Street Light: totally sunshine 100% solar power, ZERO electrical bills.

6. Cost recovering
LED Street Light: in 5-6 years
Solar LED Street Light: in 2-3 years.

Therefore, you can see the benefits of choosing one solar led street light. And here we present our amazing solar led street light and its performance can really overpass trandition led street light.

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Why use solar street light?